Bridge Builder's Program, Inc. offers a variety of activities, events and projects that support our mission and vision.
All activities, events and projects are open to all collegiate participants and mentors/supporters.


Our teachers are our cities greatest asset and we try to insure thet feel celebrated in any ways we can.



Fundraising partnership with Baskin Robins!

Includes Ice Cream coupons and fun educational gifts for the children!



Reading aloud to children has many documented benefits.  It increases their vocabulary and attention span as well as sparking their imaginations.  This project not only helps the kids but also helps our young volunteers practice their public speaking.



Each semester Bridge Builder's Program, Inc. provides suits for the young men who have completed their undergraduate studies and are preparing for their commencement ceremony.
Suits for scholars is more than just a graduation gift. It is an investment into each young
mans future endeavors.



For many families, providing a Thanksgiving meal can be financially stressful.  Each year we help as many families as we can by providing turkeys, cooking ingredients, and
kitchen supplies.
Click here to help us reach more families!

 Project Mental Health 

Bridge Builder's Program, Inc. partnered directly with Centerstone to cover outstanding balances  for several students in Metro Public schools.

“Sometimes kids might not need mentoring, they just might need therapy!”


With your donations and hard work we are able to provide supplies to local schools for their upcoming school years.